Artist Books

At some stage, during every body of work, I will produce an Artist Book.

Occasionally the book concept comes first, but mostly it develops out of the nature of the work in print or paintings. In some instances there can be a whole series of books.
Mostly these are a way for me to focus the theme, rather like a 3 dimensional collage, in one format. Sometimes they take the form of focusing on just one small part of the whole.

Each book has a tactile, intimate and fascinating content, whether viewed as part of the larger body of work, or on its own.

Book commissions undertaken.

Please click the images below to enlarge to see the full image:

On the beach - click to enlarge
On the beach - Concertina book
Rambler - click to enlarge
Swallows Book - click to enlarge
Gulls Book - click to enlarge
Gulls Book
Shoreline Box - click to enlarge
Shoreline Box
Lady of the Woods - click to enlarge
Lady of the Woods - concertina book
Stamp Album - click to enlarge
Stamp Album
Burning Book 2 - click to enlarge
Burning Book 2
Interior Book - click to enlarge
Interior Book
Birch - click to enlarge
Birch - single case book
Seeds - click to enlarge
Tool Box - click to enlarge
Tool Box
Tree spiral book - click to enlarge
Tree spiral book

Prices range from £10 to £50